Hi, my name is Haley,

and writing is my jam. I’m currently stalking my Bachelors in English at the University of Central Florida (#GoKnights), with hopes of working in the publishing industry as both an author and editor in the not-to-distant future. 

Someday, I will start my own publishing company with the express intention to hold space for all marginalized, disenfranchised voices to share their stories with the world. 

When I am not dreaming of saving the world one story at a time, I work as a researcher, editor, and writer with various professional types. I’m also the mom to two whimsical, wonderful sons.

This blog is my portfolio. You will find all manner of topics and types of posts here: book reviews, how-to posts, and maybe even some of my own poetry and short stories. Who knows? 

Drop your name and email below to sign up to my blog and make sure you don’t miss my next post. Your information is safe with me, I promise.